How Xi encourages Chinese doctors to promote building of 'global community of health for all'

April 7 marks World Health Day and the anniversary of the founding of World Health Organization in 1948.

2023 is the 60th anniversary of China sending its first medical team abroad. On February 9, in a letter replying to the 19th Chinese medical team who aided the Central African Republic, Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged the 11 members of the team to benefit local people with their medical proficiency and medical ethics to make greater contributions to the building of a "global community of health for all." The concept was first proposed by Xi in March 2020, setting the tone for China's foreign medical aid in the new era.

As Xi emphasized in his letter, the Chinese people love peace and cherish lives, which is illustrated by their efforts in international medical assistance. Chinese medical team members made painstaking efforts and even devoted their lives to the vast African continent, to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Over the past six decades, a total of 30,000 Chinese medical workers have treated 290 million local patients in 76 countries and regions across five continents. Chinese medical teams are working at 115 sites in 56 countries around the world, of which nearly half are in remote areas with harsh conditions. 

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