INHERITORS: Peking Opera

Peking Opera has a history going back over 200 years. During the latter years of the Qing Dynasty it evolved rapidly, from an exclusive entertainment for the imperial court into opera for the people. As the dominant form of traditional Chinese opera, it’s extolled as the quintessential “Oriental Opera”. A highly visual art, it brings together music and literature, highly elaborate costumes, and face-painting. Peking Opera has recorded many “firsts” in Chinese theatre arts, notably in terms of the richness of its repertoire, and the number of artists, troupes and spectators. 

In this episode, “Inheritors” will visit Hu Wenge, a master of the Mei School of Peking Opera; Fu Boyang, the director of the Jixiang Theater who was a disciple of Meng Guanglu; and Guo Xiaojing, a Peking Opera enthusiast and TikTok influencer. They will help us to explore the stories behind the scenes and discover the beauty of Peking Opera.

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