Memphis Zoo to wave goodbye to Ya Ya as panda's return to China nears
Updated 13:58, 11-Apr-2023

Ya Ya, a giant panda, will stay at Memphis Zoo until the end of April, according to the zoo. 

Ahead of her return to China, the zoo will hold a farewell party on Saturday to wish Ya Ya safe travels and celebrate the 20-year partnership with the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens.

After returning to China, Ya Ya will spend more than a month in Shanghai in quarantine before taking up residence in a new home being built in Beijing Zoo.

The giant panda arrived in the U.S. state of Tennessee as part of a joint conservation and research project between the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens and the zoo in April of 2003. The agreement was initially for 10 years and was extended by 10 more years in 2013, and expired on April 7 this year.

(Cover image via CFP)

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