Growing number of wild giant pandas spotted in Sichuan national park

A growing number of wild giant pandas have been caught by infrared cameras in the Giant Panda National Park in southwest China's Sichuan Province, an indication of the improving ecological environment in the region.

The creation of the Niba Mountain Ecological Corridor in Yingjing County has led to the replanting of 60,000 native broad-leaved trees, transforming 200 hectares into a favorable wildlife habitat.

The video shot last Thursday showed a giant panda leisurely sitting on the ground and enjoying some quality time. Other video clips showed the precious sight of pandas marking their territory by urinating on trees to attract pandas of the opposite sex.

More than 300 infrared cameras were set up in the Yingjing Area, capturing various other rare wild animals including Sichuan takin, red pandas and black bears.

The Giant Panda National Park spans 22,000 square kilometers and stretches across three provinces: Sichuan and the neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu. It's home to more than 70 percent of the country's wild pandas and over 8,000 rare wild fauna and flora species.

(Cover photo via screenshot)

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