CGTN releases feature program 'Japandora's Box'

In a decision that has been universally condemned, the Japanese government has announced that, in early summer of 2023, it will start dumping treated contaminated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea. The CGTN feature program "Japandora's Box" interviews several experts, who analyze the potentially damaging impact of the contaminated wastewater's release on the marine environment not only in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima, but also as far away as the Pacific coast of Canada and the U.S., and eventually, the whole world. "Japandora's Box" also hears from members of the local fishing communities in Japan itself, as well as the Philippines, who express fears for their livelihoods. By highlighting protests from stakeholders like South Korea, Russia and China, the program also reveals the strength of international anger at the Japanese government's decision.

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