Jiangxi: A province bursting with rich history and culture

Where is Jiangxi and what makes the province a must-visit destination in China?

As part of "Fields of Hope," special coverage from CGTN that focuses on China's rural vitalization strategy, CGTN's team will arrive in east China's Jiangxi Province on April 18 to explore the region and bring you the liveliest stories.

Here are some basic facts:

For centuries, Jiangxi Province has been one of southeastern China's most prominent regions, with a long and vibrant history, culture and geography.

Spanning more than 166,000 square kilometers, Jiangxi is home to more than 45 million residents. Its diverse geography, including stunning mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, makes it an important agricultural, fishing and tourism hub.

Flowing from south to north, the Ganjiang River dominates Jiangxi before emptying into Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake. Hence, Jiangxi is also nicknamed "Gan." For nature lovers, the Lushan Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to incredible views and rich biodiversity, are also a must-visit.

Nanchang, the provincial capital and Jiangxi's most densely populated city, is among China's largest metropolises. This heart of Jiangxi civilization has made huge contributions in commerce, academia, industry and politics.

Jiangxi's history stretches back to Lower Paleolithic times, when the region was already inhabited by humans. The first recorded civilization was the Baiyue, and their influence is still found in the modern Gan language.

Jiangxi has played a pivotal role in Chinese culture, boasting myriad historical sites, not least the renowned Tengwang Pavilion and Donglin Monastery. Also home to numerous cultural relics, it is the birthplace of countless artists, writers and philosophers.

The world-famous Jingdezhen, "China's Porcelain Capital," is still a national production center. Tourists can visit pottery factories and ancient kilns, where they can make their own porcelain by hand in the ancient town.

Jiangxi's economy grew at a steady pace. In 2022, the province's gross domestic product grew 4.7 percent year on year to a record high of over 3 trillion yuan (around $440 billion). With an advantageous geographic location and abundant natural resources, Jiangxi is a hot place for domestic and overseas investment, and has become a major contributor to China's economic growth, producing a wide range of products, from agricultural commodities and minerals to high-tech electronics and machinery.

Today, Jiangxi is at the forefront of China's rural revitalization efforts, with a focus on promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life for its rural population. Visitors can experience high-quality tea, rice and fish, all of which are exported globally. For those looking to explore China's ancient culture and experience its natural beauty, Jiangxi is the perfect destination.

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