Russian cosmonauts conduct 1st spacewalk this year at International Space Station
Updated 23:41, 19-Apr-2023

Two Russian cosmonauts conducted their first spacewalk this year on Wednesday, after a hiatus caused by the depressurization of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft.

According to a report by Russia's RIA Novosti, cosmonauts Sergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin ventured out into space to move a radiator from one module of the International Space Station (ISS) to another.

The spacewalk was the second for Petelin and the fourth for Prokopyev.

The cosmonauts were tasked with disconnecting an electrical cable between an additional radiation heat exchanger and the "Zarya" module, removing a plug from the radiator, and then releasing four locks that attach the radiator to the module.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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