CGTN Poll: The 'talent dividend' has become a strong impetus for China's development
Updated 17:59, 22-Apr-2023

Recently, the United Nations released a report saying that China may cease to be the world's most populous country within the year. There are concerns that China may lose its "demographic dividend." However, based on an opinion poll conducted by CGTN for global netizens, 88.4 percent of respondents believe China's human resources are sufficient to support high-quality economic development. 

Despite the fact that a country's population size can be transformed into labor resources and potential economic growth drivers, almost three quarters of respondents believe that this is not the only decisive factor. And 91.2 percent of respondents believe that national policies, market size, and level of openness are also important influencing factors for economic development.

When assessing a country's demographic dividend, one needs to look at not just its size but also its quality. Size matters, but what matters more is talent resource. Currently, almost 900 million people in China are of working age, with more than 15 million new workers joining the labor force each year. In addition, China's population with higher education has exceeded 240 million, and the average length of education for the new workforce has risen to 14 years. China's "demographic dividend" has not disappeared, while the "talent dividend" is forming rapidly. According to the poll, 91.8 percent of respondents believe that the "talent dividend" will provide a strong impetus for the continued rise of China's comprehensive national strength.

China has increased its investment in science and technology, education and other fields in recent years, and the quality of its workforce has significantly improved. The survey found that as many as 95.5 percent of respondents highly recognized China's efforts in talent training. A total of 87.1 percent of respondents have full of confidence in the high-quality development of China's economy.

The poll was released on CGTN's English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian platforms, with over 92,500 people voting within 24 hours.

(Cover: Workers work at a workshop at a semiconductor company in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China. /CFP)

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