Vigorous Life Series | Episode 3: Scorched earth reborn

A wildfire turned a field of forest in the Greater Hinggan Mountains into ashes years ago; however, the land didn't become a desolate "forest graveyard."

When the wind brought new seeds, the burned down thick litter layer allowed the seeds to reach the soil. Without obstruction from tall trees, herbs and shrubs quickly dominated this land.

The fire took everything away, but new life always returns. Check the video and see how this land was reborn from the ashes.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Vigorous Life Series

Life remains vigorous in Saihanba, a giant artificial forest in north China's Hebei Province. The forest provides a sanctuary for species, large and small. A tiny spider is spinning a web over half a meter long in diameter. Oak leaves might be toxic to many herbivores, but become a feast for sika deer. Stay tuned for more wildlife stories.

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