8,591-meter-deep well in Xinjiang tested productive
Updated 10:03, 03-May-2023

An 8,591-meter-deep well named Shunbei No. 10 in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region went through an open-flow test on Tuesday, proving its productivity. 

During the open-flow test, the air coming out of the inclined shaft was successfully ignited, and the flame was orange. This suggests the existence of an oil and gas flow from the well, which is mainly made up of natural gas. 

Located in the Taklamakan Desert, Shunbei No. 10 is part of the Shendi (Deep Earth) No.1 Shunbei Oil and Gas Field Base, a key oil and natural gas project launched by China's energy and chemical giant Sinopec.

Across the Taklamakan Desert, 120 wells have been drilled at depths of over 8,000 meters, with each tasked with the mission under the "Deep Earth" project to drill for oil and gas buried around thousands of meters beneath the desert. 

In China, more than a third of discovered oil and gas resources are detected underground at 4,500 meters, some being even deeper. 

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