Vucic proposes 'practical disarmament' of Serbia after mass shootings
Updated 17:35, 05-May-2023

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic proposed on Friday an array of tough measures to improve gun control and bolster security in schools in the Balkan country after two deadly mass shootings this week.

Vucic suggested a moratorium on gun permits regardless of weapons type, a "practical disarmament" of Serbia and more frequent medical and psychological checks of gun owners.

He also announced the hiring of 1,200 new police officers to improve security in the Balkan country's schools.

Vucic described the overnight mass shooting in a village in central Serbia in which eight people died as a "terrorist attack" and "an attack against us all."

At least eight people were killed and 13 others wounded in a shooting in Serbian villages near the town of Mladenovac, local media reported on Friday.

On Wednesday, a shooting occurred at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in Serbia's Municipality of Vracar, killing nine people and injuring seven others.

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