A new trend of 'dazi' takes off in China
Updated 16:42, 11-May-2023

For hard-working students or people too busy with their jobs, seeking people for social activities can be time consuming and often frustrating. Not anymore. The new trend of "dazi" is taking off in China where random people get together to do things they enjoy, such as hiking, discussing comic books, or eating northeastern barbeque. How is this different from social groups of the past? Why has it become so popular? And do these temporary friendships to some degree reflect a degrading ability for people to create and manage intimate relationships? To find out more, we are glad to be joined by Gary Mao, core team of Highstreet, Duan Yanling, board member of BlockBase Trust, David Moser, associate professor at Capital Normal University in Beijing, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, professor of psychology and education at Columbia University Teachers College, and her student Boshang Yin.

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