Story of the Tiny Series | Episode 3: Unique beauty
Updated 11:38, 10-May-2023

Hainan Island is a tropical haven of biodiversity. Covering only 0.4 percent of China's total land area, it is home to more than a tenth of the country's insects, many of which are unique to the island. Barely the length of a matchstick, the phoenix damselfly stands out from the tiniest of things. Check the video out for this beautiful creature.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Story of the Tiny Series

In a world full of giants, it is the small that have a big impact. Whether it's tiny little bugs the size of a fingernail or creatures that spend most of their time underground, these seemingly insignificant players have long played a remarkable role that the entire ecosystems rely on. Zoom in on the hidden world's great stories and prepare to be amazed by the power of the small in the rainforest of Hainan.

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