Cuban Scholar: U.S. cyberattacks pose a threat to the world

China released an investigative report revealing an "empire of hackers" of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on May 4, one of the major intelligence agencies of the country's federal government. The report disclosed important details of the weapons the CIA used for cyberattacks and specific cybersecurity cases taking place in China and other countries.

"The report released by China shows that all the cyberattacks carried out by the U.S. are not only against China, but also against its allies and other countries. Perhaps what's different is that cyberattacks are more dangerous and more invisible compared to other methods, and they are dangerous not only to China, but also to other countries around the world," said Maria Elena Alvarez, professor at the Cuban Institute of International Relations during an interview with China Media Group. Emmanuel Mwamba, Zambia's former permanent representative to African Union, also stated that this U.S. actions threaten global security and the stability of the global community.

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