Wild giant pandas frequently spotted in nature reserve in Shaanxi

A growing number of wild giant pandas are being caught on infrared cameras at the Changqing National Nature Reserve in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, signaling an improving ecological environment in the region.

Recently, the staff of the nature reserve found that five of the nine cameras they placed in the reserve have captured photos and videos of the black-and-white animals since the beginning of this year, a record high for the same period.

The videos and photos were taken from January to April this year, according to the staff, who added that the cameras are located in the border between the reserve and residential communities. The shortest distance between the camera and the community is about one kilometer, and the longest is about three kilometers. A total of six pandas have been captured by the five cameras, all of which were different individuals, said the staff.

The frequent appearance of the pandas shows that the ecological environment in the region is improving, and the number of the wild giant panda is increasing gradually.

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