Reconciliation in Middle East: A new era of diplomacy?

A season of reconciliation is blossoming in the Middle East. Arch enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran signed a joint statement in Beijing in early April to restore diplomatic ties. Egypt and Turkey are also taking steps to end their decade-long feud. Qatar and the UAE will soon resume diplomatic ties, and Syria is returning to the Arab League. How did this wave of reconciliation begin? Could Gulf and Arab states, as well as other countries in the region, embrace a better future without the strong presence of the United States? And how might these positive changes impact the political and trade landscape of the region? To answer these questions and more, we are joined by Prof. Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran, Ali Al Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, Kawa Hassan, nonresident fellow on the Middle East & North Africa at the Stimson Center, and Prof. John Gong of the University of International Business & Economics.

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