Infatuated giant panda cub can't bear to let favorite keeper go

An infatuated giant panda cub just couldn't bear to see his favorite keeper leave and tried every trick in the book to pull her back to give him more attention at a research center in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

In the recent video, the fluffy bear named "Jiran", appeared desperate to spend more time with his beloved keeper after feeding time was over. As the keeper turned to leave, the little cub hugged her and tugged at her using both his mouth and paws, begging for more company and for more tender care from the hard-working nanny.

But all her reassuring hugs and gentle patting proved ineffective on Jiran, who refused to let the busy keeper depart. At one point the overzealous bear even knocked off the keeper's hairnet as his efforts to hold onto her grew ever more desperate.

It took some time for the keeper to finally escape from the grasp of the mischievous panda, who then seemed a little down after she had finally fended him off.

The male panda "Jiran" was born on June 29 last year at the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas (CCRCGP) in Sichuan. The color of his body hair carries a unique gray tinge, a trait which runs in his family, making him special from other cubs in the center.

The CCRCGP is a world leading institution for breeding and conservation of giant pandas, known as one of China's national treasures.

The center has established a global platform for giant panda-related cooperation and exchanges with 18 overseas zoos from 16 countries and regions, as well as 39 domestic animal breeding institutions and more than 10 scientific research institutes.

The video was filmed via the iPanda platform which provides round-the-clock live broadcasts of the life and activities of pandas in the nature reserves of southwest China.

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