Trailer: Encounters with China: Friendship across Mountains and Rivers

They are five people from five different Central Asian countries who have all made the same decision – to come and live in China. Karlygash from Kazakhstan hopes to be a bridge of friendship between the two countries; Baktygul, a teacher from Kyrgyzstan, has set up an art gallery with her Chinese husband in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province; as for Mustakim from Tajikistan, he finds spiritual solace in China's tea culture and ancient poetry; Gurdov Guvanch from Turkmenistan is a big fan of Jackie Chan's movies and found the actor's stunts so convincing that he used to think that all Chinese people could fly; and then there's Tojibaev Komiljon from Uzbekistan, whose passion for plant research and interest in exploring the mysteries of nature have grown stronger through a series of cooperative projects with China.

Over the years, the five of them have enjoyed very different – and highly rewarding – experiences in China. CGTN brings you "Encounters with China: Friendship across Mountains and Rivers", a series of feature programs celebrating, through the lives of these five people, the close friendship between China and the countries of Central Asia.

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