Eagle snatches away another drone in central China

A drone sent out in search of another missing drone was snatched away by an eagle on Sunday in Zhangjiajie City of central China's Hunan Province.

Just four days ago, on May 10, a drone filming in the mountainous area was seized by an eagle.

Videos taken on the second drone show that shortly after the flying device took off, two eagles appeared on a cliff nearby. One was seemingly on guard, and the other went directly toward the drone, catching the device mid-air. 

"When we saw the two eagles, our first thought was to get the drone down and avoid the eagle, but we underestimated the eagle's speed," said frustrated local reporter Zhang Xue.

Local forestry authorities stressed the importance of protecting wildlife after the incidents, saying that they plan to consult with experts on how to better protect the bird of prey. 

(Cover images via VCG, video provided by the Converged Media Center of Sangzhi County of Zhangjiajie City)

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