'I Love Ningbo': Flowing monochrome in an art education museum

May 18 marks the International Museum Day. CGTN visits the Hua Mao Art Education Museum in east China's Ningbo City with ambassadors for Greek tourism Marianna Erotokrito and Sofia Erotokritou.

Hua Mao Art Education Museum is the first museum themed "art education" in China. The museum is currently the only masterpiece of world's top architect Alvaro Siza's "black series."

Watch the video to feel the flowing monochrome.


Video director: Shi Chan

Video editors: Shi Chan, Hu Rui

Camera: Hu Rui

Cover photo designer: Liang Qian

Chief editor: Lin Dongwei

Producers: Li Meng, Li Tianfu

Supervisor: Liu Yuqi

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