Central Guizhou Series | Episode 1: Cycle of seasons

Located in central Guizhou Province, Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve takes pride in its plentiful water resources that keep the Furong River lively and vigorous. As one season gives way to another, the vegetation becomes sensitive to temperature shifts. The sparse branches of the towering trees provide birds with uninterrupted terraces. At the cusp between light and dark, the perched birds flap their wings and join the undulating waves of birds.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Central Guizhou Series

Guizhou is the only province in China that does not have a plain. As a mountainous province, the forest coverage rate was over 62 percent by 2022. Its karst landforms, dense vegetation and abundant rivers have provided ideal habitats for countless wildlives. The undulating waves of birds form their special community, the varied landform offers the François' langurs diverse living environments, and the black-necked cranes traverse towering mountain ridges to their winter home in Guizhou. Stay tune and enjoy our new series!

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