Ex-Uzbek FM on the 1st China-Central Asia Summit

With the first China-Central Asia Summit beginning in former Chinese capital Xi'an Thursday, the Hub with Wang Guan looks at the expected outcomes, new projects that will benefit Central Asia as well as China, and the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative through the eyes of former Uzbek Foreign Minister Vladimir Imamovich Norov. In this exclusive, Norov, also a former secretary-general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, says the common destiny community of China and Central Asia will serve the interests of all countries in the region and contribute to peace and prosperity in Eurasia. He also reveals the key China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway that will boost transport in the geographically isolated region will start construction in the second half of 2023 and details the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative, including lifting eight million people out of extreme poverty in the countries along the route, and 32 million out of moderate poverty. He discounts the accusations of China exercising undue influence on Central Asia, calling it mutually beneficial construction.

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