Art tour of China-CEEC Expo: Land on the planet of gorillas with Greek twins
Updated 21:34, 21-May-2023

Aiming to promote greater economic ties between China and Central and Eastern European countries, the third China-CEEC Expo is underway in Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province, drawing over 400 overseas exhibitors with more than 5,000 kinds of exhibits. 

In the art and culture area of the Expo, some "gorillas" with various patterns attract visitors to stop by. Designed by a Chinese artist, these gorillas were painted by artists from China and Central and Eastern European countries. CGTN visits the Chinese designer with ambassadors for Greek tourism Marianna Erotokritou and Sofia Erotokritou. Let's hear the behind stories of these colorful gorillas. 


Video director: Shi Chan

Video editors: Shi Chan, Hu Rui

Cameras: Hu Rui, Yang Ze

Cover photo designer: Liang Qian

Chief editor: Lin Dongwei

Producers: Li Meng, Li Tianfu

Supervisor: Liu Yuqi

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