New AI showcases at 7th World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin
By Wang Siwen

The seventh World Intelligence Congress begins in north China's Tianjin Municipality, under the theme "Intelligence: Extensive development space, sustainable growth driver."

Hundreds of scientists, researchers and guests are gathering to shed light on the latest tech, from generative artificial intelligence (AI) to smart automobiles, sending a loud and clear message: AI is here to stay, and companies should embrace it.

Robin Li, CEO of Chinese tech giant Baidu, said fears that AI could steal jobs from employees are unfounded.

"The greatest danger to mankind, the greatest unsustainability, is not the uncertainty brought by innovation. On the contrary, if we stop innovating and creating, if we stop making progress, then we risk inertia, and the unpredictable risks brought about by that are in fact the greatest threat to human beings," said Li.

Ten themed exhibitions have been set up, featuring 5G-plus industrial internet, intelligent transportation, and two designated areas to experience the technology firsthand, including all new smart vehicles. Close to 500 leading Chinese and global companies are taking part in this annual event, bringing their latest products to the fair and offering audiences a closer look at cutting-edge AI technologies.

As one of China's biggest tech companies, iFlytek launched a new AI-driven cognition model called "Spark" earlier in May. Billed as a competitor to ChatGPT, it could soon be deployed in offices, healthcare and education.

"We still have to pay tribute to OpenAI, which accumulated many years of experience. As for our current level, in terms of our capabilities, especially in math and text generation, it's already higher than model 3.5. We're also leading in five out of seven dimensions in China, and I think it's just the beginning. Our name, Spark, indicates we can rival other companies through a single spark combined with continued efforts," said Liu Cong, vice president of iFlytek.

Liu said more can be expected in the future. "We'll have three updated versions, and after that we hope to compete with the current model of ChatGPT. Model 3.5 did a better job in the Chinese language. This is our goal."

More than 200 foreign guests from 51 countries and regions are taking part at the conference, a significant rise on the number in 2019, and more than 100 projects are expected to be signed, totaling some $12 billion.

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