China issues blue alerts for gales, sandstorms and severe convection weather
Updated 13:00, 20-May-2023


China will be hit by strong wind, floating sand and heavy rain over the next few days, prompting the country's meteorological authority to issue blue alerts for gales, sandstorms and severe convection weather.

From Friday afternoon to Saturday, parts of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, northeastern China and northern China will brace for gales, with temperatures falling as much as 10 degrees Celsius in some places, the National Meteorological Center said.

Parts of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning and Jilin will be blanketed with floating sand and dust during this period, the center said, adding that the dusty weather will ease on Sunday.

Thunderstorms and hail will affect parts of Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong in the period, with some places expected to receive over 50 mm of hourly precipitation.

From Saturday to Monday, heavy rainfall will hit southern China, with hourly precipitation reaching 50-150 mm in some areas, the center said.

It has advised the public to stay alert for unfavorable weather, and has recommended reducing outdoor activities.

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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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