'I Love Ningbo': How a Polish couple became observers of China's development

Dr. Magdalena Gimbut and her husband, Dr. Artur Rega, came to Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province from their home country of Poland. They visited Gejia Village in Ninghai County of Ningbo on a chance years ago and were impressed by the unique creativity of the villagers.

Gejia Village used to be a small village hidden in the mountains, but it has become known online for its art since 2019. It has more than 40 art sharing spaces and over 300 cultural and creative works, all designed, built and maintained by the villagers themselves.

The couple is currently studying the Chinese rural revitalization model, hoping to witness the changes in Zhejiang's beautiful countryside and show the beauty of rural Zhejiang to the world.


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