Comprehensive survey to explore lives of Yangtze alligators underway in Anhui

A wild population resources survey of Yangtze alligators, jointly carried out by a Chinese alligator national nature reserve in east China's Anhui Province and the College of Life Sciences of Anhui Normal University, was officially launched in May.

Investigations of the wild Yangtze alligators' population, distribution, habitat quality and conservation status will be conducted during the survey.

The Yangtze alligator, also known as the Chinese alligator, has lived on Earth for over 200 million years. The species is a first-class protected animal endemic to China.

Over the years, the nature reserve has been protecting wild Yangtze alligators by releasing them into the wild, setting up protection stations, employing local residents as ecological rangers and conducting science popularization activities.

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Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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