Interview with Jane Goodall: Mission Restoring Mother Earth

Many people know Jane Goodall through the famous photo of her and an infant chimpanzee reaching out to touch each other's hands. As a world-renowned British biologist and animal behaviorist, she spent 26 years of her life in the African forest studying chimpanzees, and is always on the frontline calling for people to care about biodiversity conservation and environment protection. 

On the 23rd International Day for Biological Diversity, CGTN reporter Ge Ning talked to Dr. Jane about her experience in chimpanzee research. She discussed the remarkable strides made by China in biodiversity conservation in recent years, and shared inspiring messages for young individuals and women who aspire to create a positive impact in life.

(Video shot by Guo Yuanheng, directed by Zhao Ying, edited by Ge Ning.)

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