Oh my sushi!

Editor's note: Japanese government's plan to discharge nuclear wastewater into the ocean has aroused alarm around the world. T-House's satirical animation features a hypothetical conversation between a Japanese sushi salesman and a surfer from California. What would they talk about? Have a look! The views expressed in the video are not necessarily those of CGTN.

Okashi San: Konichiwa, would you like some sushi, sir?

California Surfer: Yummy! Wait, why does your sushi glow in the dark?

Okashi San: It's called the "Fukushima sushi special."

California Surfer: Like, what???

Okashi San: Salmon used to be two meters long in length. Years after dumping all that radioactive water into the ocean, salmon is today bigger than a bus.

California Surfer: Like seriously?

Okashi San: Hontoni!!! And because they also glow in the dark, they are much easier to catch.

California Surfer: Like you gotta be kidding me!!! Like isn't this bad for your health?

Okashi San: Wealth is much more important than health.

California Surfer: Like for real?

Okashi San: Yes. What good is health if you are dirt poor? I make over a thousand bucks an hour selling Fukushima sushi.

California Surfer: Like don't you know that radiation is bad for humans?

Okashi San: That's not what you said when you dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mr. Goodie Two Shoes...

California Surfer: You knew it was coming, for what you did in WWll.

Okashi San: That was a long time ago. Water under the bridge. You sure you don't want some delicious sushi?

California Surfer: Like who wants to eat "Glow in the Dark Sushi?"

Okashi San: Ahhhh... Once you eat this, you will also glow in the dark! And you can drive around town all night without turning on your headlights.

California Surfer: Good Lord!!!

Okashi San: Think of all the money you'll save.

California Surfer: I'd rather DIE!!!

Okashi San: Have some Fukushima Sushi!!!

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