Chart of the Day: All-round progress of cultural and education industries in Xizang

In honor of the 72th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Xizang, "Chart of the Day" takes a deep dive on Xizang Autonomous Region's cultural and educational achievements.

Cultural preservation

China has invested a lot of human, financial and material resources to protect, develop and carry forward the fine traditional culture of Xizang through a variety of legal, economic and administrative means since the founding of the Xizang Autonomous Region.

Chart of the Day: All-round progress of cultural and education industries in Xizang

As of 2021, Xizang has published 16 periodicals and 12 newspapers in the Tibetan language, and has also published more than 40 million copies of 7,185 Tibetan-language books. In addition, the language is widely used in health, postal services, communications, transport, finance, and science and technology.

In 1984, the state allocated funds for the establishment of the Archives of the Tibet Autonomous Region, which houses and preserves more than 3 million precious Tibetan items.

Over the past few decades, Xizang has also organized large-scale and systematic surveys, and the collection, collation and research of cultural heritage. A total of 4,277 cultural relics sites of all kinds in Xizang have been examined and registered.


In recent years, Xizang has continuously increased investment in education and carried out educational projects to benefit the residents. From 1951 to 2020, the central government invested 224 billion yuan in Xizang's education.

Chart of the Day: All-round progress of cultural and education industries in Xizang

Free three-year preschool education covers all rural areas of the region. The gross enrollment rate for the three-year preschool education has increased from 35 percent in 2011 to 87.71 percent in 2021. The number of kindergartens in the region rose from 189 in 2011 to 2,337 in 2021.

Xizang is the first provincial-level region in China to provide 15 years of free education, from kindergarten to senior high school. According to the data from Xizang Education Department, Xizang had 3,339 schools of various types and at various levels, hosting approximately 922,000 students in 2021, and the completion rate for the compulsory education of Xizang reached 96.94 percent.

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