'We Talk': A new life in a new house, Xizang style
Global Stringer

Absolute poverty, the reality for many in the Xizang Autonomous Region for thousands of years, has become a thing of the past. Thanks to poverty alleviation policies and the concerted efforts of local people, by the end of 2019, more than 628,000 people in Xizang had been lifted out of poverty.

Five years ago, Yeshe Trinley and Pubu Tashi moved from Maizhokunggar County to Lhasa as part of a relocation program, moving from a poor rural village to a new Xizang-style building in the city. Vlogger Yung Zin met them at their new home in Tongxinyuan community. Sitting in their bright, cozy living room, Yeshe Trinley says he is happy with the choice he made. The relocation offered him a chance to learn sewing, incense-making and other skills, which later became his source of income. Pubu Tashi's children are getting a better education, and their living conditions have improved significantly.

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