Mountain Life Series | Episode 1: Primary colors

The Genhe River is found deep in the forest of the northern Greater Hinggan Mountains in northeastern China. The forest coverage reaches 91.7 percent here. As autumn approaches, the sea of trees is turning into a riot of colors. Among the violent hues, human civilization has its traces. Check the video for the colorful stories written by both reindeer and Ewenki people in the forest.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Mountain Life Series

The Greater Hinggan Mountains stretch along northeastern China. Located in the northwest of Heilongjiang Province and the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is like a watershed between the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the Songliao Plain. Reindeer and the Ewenki, China's only ethnic minority who raises reindeer, live here. Dive in and learn more about the history, the story and nature.

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