Foodwise: Xi'an

In this episode, Tianran He and Eva May venture to Xi'an, an ancient city with over 3000 years of history, capital to 13 Chinese dynasties. But first, our hosts are going to carb load on street food, from glutinous rice cakes and cakes made out of persimmons, to mutton soup with flatbread and the famous biangbiang noodles. They'll also taste the rich history of Xi'an by experiencing a Qin Dynasty-inspired banquet, and try millennia-old dishes such as trout grilled on a ceramic tile and calabash chicken, a Tang Dynasty delicacy.

From the Terracotta Army to the Daming Palace, residence of the Tang emperors, to a dazzling nighttime boulevard that recreates the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty, there's so much to explore in Xi'an. So, get your camera and your stomach ready for CGTN's Foodwise in Xi'an!

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