Assignment Asia: Green China, an insect and plant treasure hunt in Beijing

In this story, we explore the theme of insects and plants in Beijing and meet individuals who apply their interest to sharing nature's beauty with others. Plant enthusiast Yu Tianyi takes us on a journey into the capital's stunning diversity of plants and flowers. The city's urban parks and royal gardens, as well as surrounding areas, are havens of biodiversity that inspire us to coexist peacefully with nature.

Pan Xiaochang's love of insects, especially beetles, drives him to go outdoors and observe insects in their natural habitat. He also uses this passion to educate and inspire the next generation of insect lovers in Beijing. And as we see, we could all learn a thing or two from insects.

The insects that surround Lin Rongsheng are of a different kind. Her insects are soft, crafted from fabric, and certainly no less beautiful than those that live outdoors. Insects inspire her to reach new artistic heights.

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