CICAF festival ignites animated passions in Hangzhou

The 19th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF) has arrived in Hangzhou, ready to rock your world. 

Industry insiders estimate that the market for the Chinese animation industry reached 49 billion yuan in 2022. 

And the magnetic attraction of animation and related industries for young people is creating new business opportunities across China. 


Xu Zhe, the director of the Press and Public Relations Department of Hangzhou Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games, said: "The 2023 Asian Games is only a couple of months away and this time we brought our mascots and other cultural products to promote the Asian Games. We hope more people will learn about the Games and support our Chinese athletes."  

Overseas companies also find the festival a good opportunity to reinforce their image among young Chinese consumers.  

Qiu Xuzhe, who is the manager of Hello Kitty Park, said: "This is the second time that we have exhibited at the festival, and the results have been pretty good. We have greatly improved awareness of our brand among visitors and the event is also an effective way to promote the development of Chinese animation industry." 

Officials also believe the event will help the Chinese animation industry to widen its influence, boost cohesion across different cultures, and play a vital role in reinforcing cultural confidence.

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