Spring Bud Project's unwavering commitment to disadvantaged girls
Updated 20:08, 21-Jun-2023

The Spring Bud Project, launched by the China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF) in 1989, has funded and helped millions of underprivileged girls in the past 30 years.

The program's name symbolizes disadvantaged girls as buddings that can rekindle hope and thrive with better education and knowledge. For decades, it has helped millions of girls and young women seek better lives for themselves, mainly through educational opportunities.

The new official promo video of the project shows the unwavering commitment of the project to supporting the education and development of disadvantaged women. The project has reached 4.09 million girls from 31 provinces.

The program has introduced more activities to support girls' empowerment in response to the changing needs over the years. It has successfully launched the "Accompanying Program" to promote girls' awareness of gender equality through participatory workshops and activities. It also established "girls' friendly corners," which are designed and managed by girls for an equitable and safe environment.

This initiative has not only had a profound impact on the lives of these girls and their families but has also brought about a remarkable enhancement in the overall education levels and social standing of rural women. The "Chinese experience" it offers presents a compelling example to the world, demonstrating effective measures to improve women's access to education and address the issue of poverty through education.

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