Behind the 'gate': Discover a futuristic vision of ancient China's most splendid past
Updated 13:27, 29-Jun-2023

Have you ever considered how many gates we walk through in a lifetime?

It can be a gate that lets you enter a house or courtyard, or it can be one that leads to a grand palace or a gorgeous imperial city. And there are also invisible gates, for instance, that lie within our thoughts and hearts. The opening and closing of certain gates can be counted as metaphors for conventionalism or an embracive state of mind, while behind each gate lies a family, a community, a society, a country – or even the past and the future.

So here we are now, standing in front of a "gate" that is about to open.

Ahead of us, beyond this gate, is a futuristic vision of perhaps ancient China's most splendid era – the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a time of embrace and inclusion, of prosperity and sublimity, of grandeur and vitality. 

By stepping inside the scroll of "Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk," one of the most famous Tang Dynasty paintings, we go behind the scenes to one of this year's most anticipated dance dramas, and dive into stories of love, death, loss and reconciliation from an ultra-modern perspective.

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