CICAF 2023: China's space story to debut in 3D animation
Zhao Chenchen

The story of Long March-5, China's most powerful launch vehicle so far, will debut in 3D animation by late 2024, the CEO of its production studio told CGTN.

Based on real stories, the animation centers on a young aerospace engineer named Pan Gaofeng who chose to work on designing the rocket while his peers opted for more economically lucrative careers. Pan's girlfriend and later wife Yu Zhuo is also a space talent and specializes in English.

"This will be the first space-themed animation ever made in China," said Wu Jun, the CEO of the production studio Ruohong Culture.

Ruohong Culture is known for producing short fairyland-themed stories. As the company has expanded, Wu said he felt a calling to tell the story of China's technology development path. 

Portraying China's space story "was indeed very challenging," he said.

To make sure details of rocket designs and motion movements are scientifically correct and close to reality while maintaining lively storytelling, Wu said the team worked with the China Aerospace Museum.

"During our process of script writing, model designing, comparison with real objects and the finalizing of models, we communicated thoroughly with the China Aerospace Museum," he said, adding that they'd ask the museum to review before finalizing the draft.

As a computer science majored millennial born in the 1980s, Wu witnessed the blooming development of China's domestically developed technologies and hoped to bring the story to the next generation.

"Working in the entertainment industry, we aim to narrate China's space journey and the challenging development path of Chinese technology to the young generation."

The company expects to finish production by early 2024 and hopes to bring the story to audiences by the Space Day of China in April or at the latest by National Day in October.

Video production: Ding Zhiyang

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