Groundbreaking finding by Chinese scientists paves way for humans to better understand the universe

It's another historic discovery that strengthens Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Chinese scientists this week announced evidence that proves the existence of nanohertz gravitational waves. In 1915, Einstein predicted that gravity is the result of relativity in space and time. Just as throwing a stone into water creates ripples, the acceleration of huge objects also produces ripples, or academically speaking, gravitational waves.

Although such wave signals are extremely weak, they offer an important method for probing masses that do not emit light. Astronomers have long aimed to use gravitational waves to understand the formation of the universe's structures and investigate supermassive black holes.

Similar evidence was obtained, published and verified by three other international teams from the United States, Europe and Australia on the same day. CGTN's reporter Liu Jiaxin speaks with the leading scientists behind the groundbreaking discovery.

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