Classic Quotes by Xi Jinping, Season 2 offers multicultural views
Updated 17:50, 01-Jul-2023

Over 5,000 years of vicissitudes, China has formed a wealth of governance and political wisdom, which has been frequently referenced by President Xi Jinping. "Chinese modernization invigorates Chinese civilization with modern power, while Chinese civilization supports Chinese modernization with cultural sustenance," he has stressed. 

In the second season of "Classic Quotes by Xi Jinping," multilingual CGTN hosts and international experts embark on a journey into the heart of Chinese society. They delve deep into the grassroots and ordinary households, offering diverse perspectives from both the East and the West, telling the stories of individuals who continuously pursue China's modernization.

In addition, people from countries including the UK, the U.S., France, Spain and Egypt share their understanding of some key quotes.

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