Turkmenistan holds international media forum in its first 'smart city'

Turkmenistan on Friday hosted an international media forum in Alkadag, dedicated to the opening of the country's first "smart city."

About 70 representatives from local and foreign media, international organizations and all circles participated in the forum, which covered three topics, including smart cities, urban eco-culture and urban ecological conservation.

The "smart city" – Arkadag, inaugurated by the Turkmenistan government a day before – cost $3.3 billion to build and is located some 30 kilometers south of the capital Ashgabat.

It is set up in honor of the country's former leader, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who developed the concept.


All the buildings in Arkadag are colored white, with all apartment blocks seven stories high, a lucky number in Turkmenistan. Only electric vehicles are allowed in the city, which also has 5G digital coverage.

Thursday's celebrations were held for the completion of the city's first stage of development. The second stage is scheduled to be finished in 2026, and Arkadag will eventually be home to around 70,000 residents.

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