BizFocus Ep.23: China's BRI spurs high-standard opening up
Updated 17:35, 04-Jul-2023

Editor's note: In our BizFocus series, CGTN anchors and reporters explore the most vibrant business sectors in China. Through in-depth interviews with industry experts and on-the-ground coverage, we bring you the latest developments and trends in various business sectors.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of China's Belt and Road Initiative, a project aimed at promoting economic cooperation and connectivity among participating countries. Throughout the past decade, this ambitious initiative has yielded significant results, presenting opportunities for countries to enhance their infrastructure, investment, and trade.  In this edition of BizFocus, our reporter Wang Tianyu takes you on a fascinating journey to explore Guangzhou's unique position as a key city along both the ancient Maritime Silk Road and the modern Belt and Road Initiative. Additionally, the report sheds light on how the country's banking sector is supporting the high-quality development of foreign trade. 

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