Mastering Chinese Poetry: Chase the coolness in 'Minor Heat' with Yang Wanli

Xiaoshu, also known as "Minor Heat," is the 11th solar term of the year and the fifth solar term of the summer, signifying the hottest period of the year is approaching. During Minor Heat, nature thrives, with plants flourishing in the summer season. This vibrant summer vibe has consistently inspired ancient Chinese poets.

This year, Xiaoshu falls on July 7. On this day, amidst the essence of Minor Heat, CGTN shares with you a poem about summer: "Chasing the coolness in summer night." The poem was written by Yang Wanli, a renowned Chinese poet who was one of the four masters of Southern Song Dynasty poetry.

How did ancient people endure the summer without air conditioning, fans and refrigerators? Click the video to check it out!

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