China denounces U.S.' China travel warning
Updated 22:09, 10-Jul-2023

China on Monday denounced the U.S.' travel warning against heading to China and urged the U.S. to stop actions that disrupt the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

The remarks were made by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning at a regular press briefing in response to a travel advisory issued by the U.S. Department of State suggesting its citizens reconsider travel to China due to "the arbitrary enforcement of local laws, including in relation to exit bans, and the risk of wrongful detentions."

Mao stressed that China is a country governed by the rule of law, and the decisions of the relevant departments to conduct security reviews of foreign enterprises are made based on law and facts.

China welcomes citizens and enterprises from all countries to visit and do business in China, and will safeguard their safety and legitimate rights and interests, including freedom of entry and exit, in accordance with the law, she added.

"Speaking of entry scrutiny and wrongful detention, in recent years, the United States has used various excuses to set up obstacles and disturbing checks on Chinese citizens entering the U.S., said the spokesperson.

She noted that in 2021, the U.S. denied visas to more than 2,000 Chinese students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Recently, it has discredited China's efforts to repatriate corrupt fugitives and used judicial means to detain Chinese citizens in the U.S. It has also shifted the blame on the fentanyl issue, ensnaring Chinese nationals through "sting operations" and pressing charges against Chinese entities and individuals, Mao added.

She urged the U.S. to immediately right its wrongdoing, stop arbitrarily detaining and illegally and indiscriminately prosecuting Chinese enterprises and citizens, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises and citizens in the U.S.

(Cover: A view of Chinese Foreign Ministry. /CFP)

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