Northern Guangdong Woodland Series | Episode 3: Latouchia

As darkness gathers, insects hiding from the sunlight emerge to rejoice in a nocturnal paradise. Dangers lurk everywhere. A Latouchia spider peers out of its den, waiting for prospective prey. A cockroach is the first to appear. Latouchia isn't a weaver. It is more of a digger. It hides in the dirt-covered bunker. Unwary prey that approaches it is bound to be ambushed. But the cockroach is too big, and its shell is too slippery to be easily captured. So, the wait continues. As an Aphrophora flavipes passes by, the spider springs from its hideout, only to fail again. 

About 'Journeys in Nature': Northern Guangdong Woodland Series

Northern Guangdong Province is located in the Nanling Mountains, an important mountain range and watershed in the south of central China. With dense forests, it has some of the richest biodiversity in southern China. Beneath the thick forest lies a paradise for creatures you may not often see. There are many mysterious stories behind these species waiting to be uncovered.

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(Cover image is a video screenshot; video shot by the CGTN Nature film crew)

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