China says Japanese govt's fund subsidizing local fishing industry 'hush money'

The Chinese Embassy in Japan said the fund the Japanese government has set aside to subsidize the fishing industry in Fukushima area is "hush money," which shows the Fukushima discharge plan is really "problematic."

It's reported that Japan has set up a special fund of 80 billion yen (around $581 million) to subsidize the fishing industry in Fukushima, which will be damaged by the discharge of nuclear-contaminated water.

It must be pointed out that the Japanese side's move only compensates the affected domestic industries and ignores the safety and interests of its neighbors and the people of Pacific island countries, said a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Japan, according to an announcement on the embassy's website on Thursday.

"This will surely arouse stronger doubts and condemnation from the international community," said the embassy spokesperson.

The Japanese side should immediately halt the Fukushima discharge plan, consult with all stakeholders and the international community, dispose of nuclear-contaminated water in a scientific, transparent and safe manner, and stop transferring the risk of nuclear pollution to all mankind, the embassy spokesperson said.

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(Cover: Protesters take part in a rally to protest against the Japanese government's plan to release Fukushima nuclear-contaminated wastewater in Tokyo, Japan, July 10, 2023. /CFP)

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