Environment Buzzword: Start fires to fight fires Part 1
Updated 13:20, 27-Jul-2023

Wildfires, including over 900 still active in Canada's worst fire season of 2023, have been making headlines worldwide, amid one heat wave after another sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere since early summer this year. 

The situation has re-ignited discussions on the human-fire relationship, especially against the backdrop of climate change. CGTN talked to fire experts in fire-prone countries, including Australia, Canada and the United States, to rethink human's approach to manage fire. The solution might be a bit surprising to many. Watch the video to find out.

About Environment Buzzword series

CGTN talks to people from across the world whose life has been affected by life-changing environmental issues, such as climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss and then hears about possible solutions from experts in each field. We have talked to Australian experts to learn about a new type of disease caused by plastics in seabirds; we listen to Greenlandic residents to understand the impact of glacier melting; and we learn from residents in low-lying coastal villages that they are facing sea level rise on their doorsteps...The list will go on. Stay tuned!

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