Pasang's decision

The eagle flute is a unique musical instrument popular since ancient times among the nomads of northern Xizang. Fashioned from an eagle's wing bone, it holds a special place in the history of Xizang's Amdo region. However, very few people today can either make or play the eagle flute. The sole inheritor of both skills is Yugo.

Yugo has been desperate to find a suitable successor to carry on the eagle flute tradition, and to this end, he has searched tirelessly but without success. Now though, he has hope in the form of his daughter, Pasang. Yugo always hoped that she would share his passion for the eagle flute. Having recently graduated from university, she has finally agreed to help her father keep the ancient tradition alive.

As she embarks on her journey to master the eagle flute, Pasang faces the challenge of getting her hands on the hard-to-find eagle bones she needs to craft an instrument. But she is determined to succeed and to learn to play it.

To discover if Pasang manages to master the art of playing the eagle flute, tune in to our upcoming documentary series about the heritage of Xizang, "Once Upon a Time in Summer."

Planning: Xiao Xiaowai
Camera: Huang Xiaodong, Yang Fan
Drone Photography: Zhu Dongyi
Editor: Li Yingwen
Translation: Zou Lingyu
Senior Copy Editor: Michael Harrold
Chief Editor: Zhang Wan
Online Publication: Zhu Qinliang
Executive Producer: Liu Changying

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