China's state security authorities say uncover spy for CIA, employee at military industrial group

China's state security authorities said recently that they have uncovered a spy for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Chinese national, surnamed Zeng, worked for a military industrial group as a "classified personnel" and has offered "a large amount of core intelligence information" to Washington in exchange for money and immigration, according to the authorities. 

Zeng was sent to Italy for further education, met an official with the U.S. Embassy to Italy and gradually became close, the ministry said. Zeng then signed an espionage agreement with Washington, and has carried out multiple espionage activities since returning to China.

Authorities said "compulsory measures" had been taken against Zeng, without providing further details.

(Cover: A police officer puts handcuffs on someone under arrest. /CFP)

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