China strongly condemns U.S. plan for Lai Ching-te 'transit' in New York
Updated 12:57, 13-Aug-2023

China has strongly condemned the U.S. plan for a "transit" trip by Lai Ching-te, a politician with Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), to the United States, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Sunday, adding that China will resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It was reported that Lai Ching-te had arrived in New York for a "transit," and set off for Paraguay on August 12 to attend the inauguration of Paraguay's new president.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said China firmly opposes any form of official exchange between the U.S. and the Taiwan region, and firmly opposes any visit by "Taiwan independence" separatists to the U.S. in any name or under any pretext.

Saying Lai "stubbornly" adheres to the separatist position of "Taiwan independence" and is an out-and-out "troublemaker," the spokesperson said that the collusion between the U.S. side and DPP authorities in arranging for Lai to engage in political activities in the U.S. under the guise of "transit" is a serious violation of the one-China principle and seriously undermines China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The fact again proves that the root cause of the tensions in the Taiwan Strait is the DPP authorities' attempt to solicit U.S. support for "Taiwan independence," and that the U.S. insists on using Taiwan to contain China, said the spokesperson.

Highlighting the Taiwan question is at the heart of China's core interests, the bedrock of the political foundation of China-U.S. relations, and the number one red line that must not be crossed between China and the U.S., the spokesperson urged the U.S. to abide by the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques, deliver on its leaders' commitment of not supporting "Taiwan independence" or "two Chinas" or "one China, one Taiwan," stop all forms of official interaction with Taiwan, stop conniving at and supporting "Taiwan independence" separatists and their separatist activities, and stop hollowing out the one-China principle.

On the same day, the Chinese Consulate General in New York also issued a statement in response to Lai's "transit." 

The purpose of his "transit" in the U.S. is to build momentum for the Taiwan local election and seek support for "Taiwan independence," according to the statement. It noted that despite being fully aware of Lai's real intentions, the U.S. deliberately greenlighted his"transit."

"The fact that the U.S. has repeatedly reneged on its commitments on the Taiwan question means people can't help but question the sincerity of the U.S. in keeping President Joe Biden's commitments to stabilize and improve China-U.S. relations," said the statement.

The statement also condemned the "Taiwan independence" separatists, who it said have no scruples to betray the greater national interests and Taiwan compatriots, for only bringing tension and instability in the Taiwan Strait.

"The outrageous acts of flattering the U.S. and betraying Taiwan and Taiwan compatriots will never succeed," said the statement. "'Taiwan independence' separatists will only find themselves disdained by all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation and condemned by history," it added.

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